Sonographer Salary in Florida

Sonographer Salary in Florida is as high as $56,990 average a year. Sonography is an ultra-sound based diagnostic imaging technique used for visualizing subcutaneous body structures.  It is used for emergency medical attention (tendon or muscular injuries, vascular tear), routine checkup (especially for pregnancy), and many others.  Sonographers are diagnostic medical professionals who operate devices and produce images, scans, or video.  It is different from operating “all” ultra-sound equipment, because there are other medical uses for ultrasound – cleaning teeth, breaking up kidney stones, or surgery that treat benign cysts or tumors.

sonographer salary in florida Sonographer Salary in Florida

Sonographer Salary in Florida

Florida State Population Overview

Florida’s state population ranked 4th in 2010, based on 2010 Census, and with over 18 million population, the need of sonographers in Florida would grow every year.  Based on year-over-year growth in the past, Florida population grew 10 more million residents over 30 years.  (see population chart below)

The projection of Florida population is estimated 28.7 million, another 10 million increase in the next 20 years.  It is projected to rank 3rd in total U.S. population.  If the estimate is close, then the need of sonographers will increase steadily in the next 20 years.

Sonographer Salary in Florida Figures

The population increase not only shows the potential of growth in the job market, it also indicates that with more population, the need of medical attention also rises.  Based on the data gathered in 2010, there are 4,880 sonographers in Florida, ranked 2nd (behind California only by 400).  Even though Florida’s population ranked 4th among 50 states, it seemed the need for sonographers is higher than 2nd and 3rd ranking states (Texas and New York respectively).  The mean of Sonographer salary in Florida is $27.40 an hour, and the yearly wage ranges between $41,520 and $73,510.

Occupation: Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SOC code 292032)
Period: May 2010

Area name Employment Hourly median wage Annual 10th percentile wage Annual median wage Annual 90th percentile wage

Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL

170 31.66 53000 65850 83640

Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach, FL

90 26.60 42440 55330 68200

Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach-Deerfield Beach, FL Metropolitan Division

490 30.49 50050 63420 74940

Gainesville, FL

80 24.75 40560 51480 67860

Jacksonville, FL

300 28.18 43190 58610 75190

Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL

110 26.30 42770 54700 68830

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach, FL

1980 28.33 42510 58930 74120

Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall, FL Metropolitan Division

840 27.90 26570 58030 74090

Naples-Marco Island, FL

80 31.89 39590 66330 78450

North Port-Bradenton-Sarasota, FL

290 26.82 41980 55790 70780

Ocala, FL

40 22.71 40530 47230 65130

Orlando-Kissimmee, FL

400 26.43 32860 54980 70000

Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, FL

130 28.40 48530 59080 73610

Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent, FL

150 23.69 38020 49270 69410

Port St. Lucie, FL

60 26.84 42390 55830 65370

Punta Gorda, FL

30 28.18 45510 58610 77040

Tallahassee, FL

80 26.29 26670 54690 72150

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL

660 27.71 43240 57650 73500

West Palm Beach-Boca Raton-Boynton Beach, FL Metropolitan Division

650 27.32 45610 56830 73110

Northeast Florida nonmetropolitan area

60 25.83 41680 53720 66110

South Florida nonmetropolitan area

50 27.76 33870 57750 73120

Estimates do not include self-employed workers.

Data is referenced from US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Data extracted on November 13, 2011

Age 65 and older based on U.S. Census

One thing that should not be overlooked is the number of population age 65 or older.  This age group needs more constant medical attention than others.  Florida ranked 1st based on 2010 Census (over 3.4 million population, 17.8% of total U.S. population).  The number will grow in 2030 (over 7.7 million, a whopping 27% of total U.S. population).  The number shows that medical care is needed even more in Florida.

Sonographer Growth Potential in FL

There is no doubt that sonographer salary in Florida will grow as the need of these professionals is growing.  It’s not just based on experience, but also based on education and certification.  Sonography is a good career choice in Florida, and with your certification/education, it not only enables you to work in Florida, but other states as well.

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