Sonographer salary in Michigan

Sonographer salary in Michigan is as low as $41.5k and as high as $71.9k a year.  The mean is $26.95 an hour.  Why do you want to be a sonographer in Michigan?  Imagine living in the 18th populated city in the U.S. with 67 hospitals in Detroit and its surrounding cities, there ought to be career opportunities in the medical field.  Wait, there is more.   Two out of top five employers in Detroit are in the medical field (Detroit Medical Center and Henry Ford Health System), and surprisingly the automobile makers did not make the top 5 (others are Detroit Public Schools, City of Detroit, and U.S. Government).  Out of 20 top employers, 4 are medical and health care services.  With over 5 million population (Detroit Metropolitan area), it is imperative to have great medical systems in place to meet any demand – routine checkups to emergency needs.

Sonographer Salary in Michigan  Sonographer salary in Michigan

Sonographer Salary in Michigan

Sonographers are diagnostic medical professionals using ultrasonic devices to produce diagnostic images/scans, or even videos.  Not everyone is qualified to be one (you would need to obtain a certificate or degree), and when you are a certified professional, you can work in any medical department that would require operating such devices.  It is a good career choice, or even if you are thinking about a career change.  As long as you complete programs accredited by CAAHEP, you can start your new job as a sonographer ASAP.

Based on 2010 Census, Michigan’s population for under 18 ranked 9th, and age over 65 ranked 8th in the U.S.  These age groups represent the ones that need more medical care, thus, it is a good field to enter.  Michigan ranked 5th in unemployment rate in the U.S. as of September, 2011, and even though unemployment rate dropped by 0.1% for Michigan, 11.1% is considerably high.   Whether you are looking for a job,  or if you need a second job skill, sonographer is a good (and relatively easy) career choice.

Occupation: Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SOC code 292032)
Period: May 2010

Area name Employment Hourly median wage Annual 10th percentile wage Annual median wage Annual 90th percentile wage

Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn, MI Metropolitan Division

310 28.49 43920 59250 74800

Detroit-Warren-Livonia, MI

770 28.04 43060 58330 73950

Flint, MI

100 26.82 46030 55790 67480

Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI

160 27.97 47020 58180 71180

Holland-Grand Haven, MI

40 26.29 47890 54680 63690

Kalamazoo-Portage, MI

50 27.04 41590 56250 70310

Lansing-East Lansing, MI

60 27.21 43420 56590 71850

South Bend-Mishawaka, IN-MI

40 30.66 51570 63780 73980

Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills, MI Metropolitan Division

470 27.81 42410 57840 73210

Upper Peninsula of Michigan nonmetropolitan area

40 26.37 43160 54850 67810

Northeast Lower Peninsula of Michigan nonmetropolitan area

30 23.86 37720 49640 62590

Northwest Lower Peninsula of Michigan nonmetropolitan area

50 27.93 45990 58080 67890

Balance of Lower Peninsula of Michigan nonmetropolitan area

110 24.45 40850 50850 63590

Estimates do not include self-employed workers.

SOC code: Standard Occupational Classification code — see

Data extracted on November 13, 2011

Sonographer salary in Michigan can be higher than the median household income ($45.3k, ’10 Census), and the salary varies due to experience and certification.  There is no doubt that there is need of sonographers, and this could be your career path, once you make it yours.


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