Sonographer Salary in Mississippi

Sonographer Salary in Mississippi averages at $24.82 an hour ($51,630 a year).  It seems like it’s lower than the average salary of diagnostic medical sonographers in the U.S. ($31.20), however, it’s significant higher than the state’s median income $18.26 an hour ($37,985 a year, ’10 Census).  What is a sonographer? and what does he/she do that can earn above average salary?

Sonographer Salary in Mississippi Sonographer Salary in Mississippi

Sonographer Salary in Mississippi

A sonographer (diagnostic medical sonographer) uses ultrasonic device(s) to take images or video data.  You can become one (certified by ARDMS) from either education (certification, associate’s or bachelor’s degree), and/or combined with hospital experience.  Mississippi has a population of almost 3 million (ranked 31st in the U.S., 2010 Census).  Of which, 1.1 million are under the age of 18 or over 65.  With over one-third that needs more constant medical care, there is no question on the need of sonographers in Mississippi.

As of September 2011, Mississippi has 10.6% unemployment rate.  If you are unemployed, looking for a career change, or want a second job skill, sonography would be a good choice.  A typical sonography program takes 2 years or less, so it would be a smart investment.

Mississippi’s main industry is agriculture (cotton), and it will change in the next decade.  There are many high-tech companies that are planning (or already) to build their factories in Mississippi, Calisolar, Twin Creeks Technologies, and Stion just to name a few.  The move of high-tech manufacturers to Mississippi leads to the increase of construction jobs and full-time factory positions.  This will lure population from other states to move to Mississippi not just because of the increase in job opportunities, but the cost of living in Mississippi is one of the lowest in the nation.

Mississippi is evolving from an agricultural state to high-tech.  California’s Silicon Valley started its infancy stage back in 1956.  Mississippi has the potential to grow like Silicon Valley did, but in the solar industry.  The need of medical professionals is dictated by the population, and with the growing green technology in Mississippi, population will grow.  Sonographer salary in Mississippi is higher than the state’s average, and with little investment in time (education/certification) and effort, you can be in one of the highest growing industry – healthcare.

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