Sonographer Salary in Ohio

Ohio State is booming with advancement in various healthcare facilities and Sonographer salary in Ohio is increasing rapidly. The steep advancement in the field is followed by increased demand for various medical practitioners and medical technician. The career prospectus is bright for medical technicians in Ohio.

Medical ultrasound sonography is a branch of medical science in which ultrasounds waves between 2-18 MHz is used for various diagnostic purposes. Ultrasounds are sound waves which are reflected back by body organs. The reflected waves are analyzed by special computer program to produce an image of anatomical structure. These images help the physician to examine various body organs like heart, lung, uterus, stomach, thyroid, etc. Also, it is used to diagnose the cause of pain, monitor fetus development, and identify tumors (malignant/benign) anywhere in the body.

Sonographer Salary in Ohio Sonographer Salary in Ohio

Sonographer Salary in Ohio

The ultrasound technician also known as a medical sonographer handles specialized equipment for sonography in a hospital, and performs sonography procedure. Medical schools provide training for ultrasound technician for the duration of 2-4 years. There is a specialization course also available for medical technician. In any hospital, a general technician monitors sonography of head, neck, stomach, uterus, and breasts. A cardiopulmonary technician specializes in sonography of heart, lung, liver, and kidneys. He also takes echocardiograms.

Demand Of Ultrasound Technician In Ohio

Ohio State is having a huge population from the era of the baby boom (people born just after World War II); there are numerous residents of the same age group who are getting older together. Thus, demand for health care facilities is continuously increasing. Also, with advancements in new technologies, requirement for medical technicians like Ultrasound technician is raising. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor requirement for medical sonographer in Ohio will increase by 18% by 2018.

How Much Does A Sonographer Make In Ohio?

An average ultrasound technician salary in Ohio is $68,786 with variation of 10%. This salary was found to be good when compared to other jobs; an administrative assistance gets $45,100, a registered nurse get 68,000, $50,841 for legal secretary, 54,800 from the office manager. All the management and corporate jobs rated high on the salary scale than medical sonographer.

With less than one year experience as an ultrasound technician, ultrasound technician salary in Ohio is about $19 per hour. Technicians with intermediate (1-5 yrs) experience can expect $26.00 per hour. The salary for senior sonographers (5-10+ yrs) falls between $45,000-$52,000 per annum. With extensive experience of more than 10 yrs, a technician can get a rewarding amount of $69,000 per year.

The salary scale is also affected by the specialization and certification of the technician. The cardiopulmonary ultrasound technician gets $25,510 for entry level, $32,800 for intermediate level. The senior specialized technician can get a salary as high as $61,580-$74,760.

Tips To Get Paid More As An Ultrasound Technician In Ohio

  • Enhance the level of training by various certifications and courses.
  • With gaining experience, the technician will get higher salary.
  • The specialized technicians in particular field get a better salary than the general technician.
  • If still the pay scale is not matching your expectation, get shifted to any high standard service center or hospital.

Work As An Ultrasound Technician In Ohio And Have A Great Career

Ultrasound technicians play a vital role in the medical health care system, as they provide with basic diagnosis necessary for advanced treatments. The high pressure for accurate imaging, and proper decision making, makes ultrasound technicians eligible to get rewarded with good salaries. Ultrasound technician salary in Ohio is considerably very good, and can be considered by any person wanting to be a medical sonographer in Ohio.

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