Sonographer Salary in Texas, TX

Sonographer salary in Texas is different from that of other states in the United States. Though the income of sonographers varies from region to region, it is higher than the professionals in the other healthcare services. The salary of sonographers is higher than the national average in some states. However, in some other states, it is lower than the national average. The states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, California, and Texas are ranked as the highest salary providers for sonographers.

Overview of Sonographer Salary in Texas

The salary of sonographers depends on years of experience, location, type of work, qualifications, etc. The starting average annual salary of a diagnostic medical sonographer in Texas is around $22,073 – $72,129. If you are working in Houston, you are eligible for getting $68,000 per year. A sonographer in Dallas can earn around $64,000 per year. The average annual salary of sonographers who are working in McAllen and Corpus Christi regions can earn around $60,000. If you are working in San Angelo, you can make around $59,000 per year.

Sonographer Salary in Texas TX Sonographer Salary in Texas, TX

Sonographer Salary in Texas, TX

The average income of sonographers working in San Antonio and El Paso is around $58,000 per year. If you are employed in Sherman or Lubbock, you can earn around $57,000 per year. The expected annual average income of sonographers in Victoria and Fort Worth is around $56,000. Sonographers working in Odessa, Texarkana, and College Station can earn around $54,000 per year. These are the average income of sonographers in Texas and these are affected by various other factors. So the actual Sonographer salary in Texas may lower or higher than these figures. Besides experience, specialization and certification also have greater influence in the salary of sonographers in Texas.

Average Sonographer Salary in Texas in Relation with Job Titles

The average salary of sonographers in Texas also varies as per the job title they handle. So, the salary of ultrasound technician in Texas is around $60,000 per year. Some other average salary per year in Texas based on job titles are:

* Cardiac Sonographer : $66,000
* Echo sonographer : $61,000
* Vascular sonographer : $57,000
* Medical sonographer : $67,000
* Sonographer mobile unit : $34,000
* Vascular ultrasound technologist : $46,000
* Ultrasound sonographer : $49,000
* Diagnostic medical sonographer : $70,000
* Sonographer Float : $85,000
* Ultrasound echocardiographer : $79,000
* Cariovascular sonographer : $47,000
* Echocardiographer : $68,000
* Lead cardiac sonographer : $66,000

Job Responsibilities of Sonographers

As a medical sonographer, you will be responsible for performing various tasks in healthcare facilities. Perform diagnostic sonography examinations, clinical assessments, maintain daily log of patients, communicate findings with appropriate physician, perform sonographic examinations, analyze sonograms, address problems of patient care, organize daily work schedule, coordinate with other professionals, prepare preliminary reports, etc are some of the functions and responsibilities of sonographers.

Prospects for Sonographers

It is expected that the growth of job opportunities for sonographers will be very high in the coming years. Sonography is a rewarding career both financially and personally. However, you should enter in this field by understanding thoroughly regarding your job responsibilities, educational requirements, and financial benefits. It is highly intelligent to select a sonography job in Texas because the state offers a brighter future for the sonographers. Besides, the Sonographer salary in Texas is also very high and you can find a job very easily in Texas.

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