Sonography Schools in Ohio

Sonography schools in Ohio are where you need to go in order to become a certified sonographer in the state of Ohio. Many people who become sonographers in the area are able to earn a massive income every single year because of the wonderful work that they provide. Sonographers are those who usually examine the body parts of a female patient during the pregnancy process. They mainly capture photos of the fetus as they grow, and then they recommend certain changes to the Mother for the baby to grow up healthy.

Why are sonographers demanding in Ohio?

These people are in demand in this state because of the increased jobs by 2016. There are many places in Ohio that are in need of more sonographers, so there is no doubt that the job increase is going to go higher by the time 2016 comes in.

What will you learn in Sonography Schools in Ohio?

Sonography Schools in Ohio Sonography Schools in Ohio

Sonography Schools in Ohio

Since they will be the ones to take images of a baby fetus, they will learn exactly how to conduct this while they are in school. Sonographers are taught how the female body works and how to use the equipment in a sonography office to take the photos. Aside from that, they need to learn all the basics on the health of a baby fetus. Sonographers are those who advice the pregnant women on what to eat, so a bit of nutrition is taught to them, along with plenty of information on the babies health.

How to select the right ultrasound technician school

You want to look first for the convenience of the school. Once the convenience factor has been determined, you want to look out at their alumni. Try finding out if the school has helped many people get jobs, as there are schools who may help you and some who won’t make it a goal to get you a job. By doing a bit of research, you will know which school to go to.

How to be certified in Ohio

You can be certified by simply taking your certification exam. Many people forget about this exam, thinking that going to a sonography school is the last step. The exam is the final test to find out if you are really going to be certified.

How much do sonographers earn?

In Ohio, sonographers earn around $63,000 per year. This does vary based on their experience, especially when you consider that entry level sonographers don’t earn that much. However, this is the average, so there can be more money earned in the future. There are many ultrasound technician schools in Ohio, and after you have graduated from one, you can be sure to find a high paying job in this field. Advancement in a higher level of this career can be done as well, allowing you to earn even more.

CAAHEP accredited programs in OH

The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) schools in Ohio are:

  • Central Ohio Technical College – Newark, OH Web:
  • Cincinnati State Technical Community College – Cincinnati, OH Site:
  • Collins Career Center – Chesapeake – Chesapeake, OH Website: (Certificate)
  • Cuyahoga Community College – Parma, OH Web:
  • Kettering College of Medical Arts – Kettering, OH Website: (Associate, Baccalaureate)
  • Lorain County Community College – Elyria, OH <Website:
  • Mercy Medical Center-Canton – Canton, OH Website:
  • Owens Community College – Toledo, OH Website:
  • Sanford Brown College-Middleburg Heights – Middleburg Heights, OH Website:
  • University of Rio Grande / Rio Grande Community College – Rio Grande, OH Website:

(Data updated on May 12, 2012 from

Sonography schools in Ohio are very respected, but it is still important to do your research when choosing one. The life of a sonographer is very rewarding, especially since you get the chance to interact with women who are about to give birth. Those who enjoy seeing babies growing will surely enjoy this job. The money that can be earned in this career is also very helpful. If you would like a rewarding career, make sure to attend one of those sonography schools in Ohio as soon as possible. The rewards definitely make the job rewarding for many years to come.

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