Sonography Schools in Pennsylvania, PA

Sonography is one of the fastest growing medical fields in the country which has sparked the demand for several Sonography schools in Pennsylvania. Careers in Sonography are on the rise because it has become more and more popular with patients. Patients now have the opportunity to get safer ultrasound procedures done at half the cost. For this reason a higher percentage of patients are opting to see Medical Diagnostic Sonographers over Radiologist for similar procedures to detect possible medical problems.

Reasons to Pursue a Career In Sonography

- Expect Future Industry Growth
- High Hourly Salary
- Future Job Demand
- Outpatient and Inpatient Opportunities

Sonography Schools in Pennsylvania PA Sonography Schools in Pennsylvania, PA

Sonography Schools in Pennsylvania, PA

Expected Industry Growth

The field of Sonography is rapidly increasing and expanding as new Ultrasound procedures are developed rapidly.

High Hourly Salary

According to the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography the average hourly rate for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers is $32 per hour with an average annual salary of $66,000.

Future Job Demand

There is currently a huge job demand for Ultrasound Technicians and several Ultrasound Technician schools in Pennsylvania. This guarantees when you finish you school you will have a high paying job waiting for you. This demand is predicted to only grow which will likely drive up salaries.

The Overall Process

- Understand what you will be learning
- Selecting the Best School
- Becoming certified in Pennsylvania

What You Will Learn in Sonography School

You will be learning ultrasound techniques on a variety of body parts and organs. Most programs start students out with Abdominal & Small Part Imaging courses in the first semester. This is usually followed by courses in Obstetrics & Gynecology Ultrasound Imaging, Vascular Ultrasound Imaging, and finally Physical Principles in Ultrasound Imaging Instrumentation. Most all schools follow this general order of the four main departments of Sonography. These four classes are usually followed by two clinicals which signal program completion.

How to Select the Best School

Selecting the best school will likely depend on your preferences. Different schools are better for different people. Sounds like a bland general statement, but it is the truth. There are a variety of Sonography schools in Pennsylvania to choose from so finding one that meets should not be a problem. Things to consider when selecting a school are location, program requirements, time it takes to complete the program, and cost of tuition.

How to Become Certified in Pennsylvania

In order to become certified in Pennsylvania you must first submit an application of certification to the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. From there they will determine, based on your academic coursework, whether or not you are eligible to take the certification exam. Once you have been deemed eligible to take the certification exam you have 90 days to sign up for and complete the exam. The exam is comprised mostly of questions that test your ability and knowledge of Ultrasound equipment. If you pass the exam you will be officially certified for the next year. You get re-certified each year as equipment is continuously updated.

CAAHEP Accredited Schools in PA

1. Community College of Allegheny County – Boyce Campus – Monroeville, PA

2. Crozer-Chester Medical Center (Keystone) – Upland, PA

3. Great Lakes Institute of Technology – Erie, PA

4. Harrisburg Area Community College-Harrisburg Campus – Harrisburg, PA

5. Lackawanna College – Scranton, PA

6. Lancaster General College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Lancaster, PA

7. Misericordia University – Dallas, PA

8. Mount Aloysius College – Cresson, PA

9. Northampton Community College – Bethlehem, PA

10. Sanford Brown Institute-Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA

11. South Hills School of Business and Technology – State College, PA

12. Thomas Jefferson University – Philadelphia, PA


Sonography is a fast growing field within medicine that is expected to greatly expand in both size and demand in future years as new ultrasound procedures are developed. Pursuing a field in Sonography will provide you with a secure long-term job, competitive salary, and a wealth of job options in both inpatient and outpatient care. There are a wealth of Sonography Schools in Pennsylvania from which you can choose from so chances are there is one located in or close to where you live.

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