Find the Best Sonography Schools in Texas

Texas is a geographically diverse state in the United States, so joining in Sonography Schools in Texas will help you to acquire high quality education and best job opportunities. The state is a home for mountains, deserts, rolling hills, wooded river valleys, flat plains, etc. Therefore, there will be something for a nature lover in Texas. Largest cities like San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, etc are the other attractions in this city. You can also see world class shopping centers, museums, restaurants, professional sports teams, etc here. However, most population in this state are living in rural areas, where there are very minimal access to healthcare. So, there is a huge demand for public healthcare workers in Texas.

Sonography Education in Texas

There are a number of sonography training centers in Texas, which are spread throughout the state. Universities, technical and community colleges, and private training institutes are offering programs in the field of ultrasound technology. If you are in search for earning a certificate or associate degree, Texas is the excellent place.

The opportunities for sonography professionals are very huge in Texas due to the large geographical size of this state.

Ultrasound Degree Programs in Texas

Sonography Schools in Texas Find the Best Sonography Schools in Texas

Sonography Schools in Texas

If you want to become a sonographer, you must earn a certificate, associate or bachelor degree in sonography. The credentialing and licensing requirements of different states may vary. However, most employers prefer to higher sonographers with high scores in the examination conducted by a credentialing agency like the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). You can make an advancement in your career by seeking employment as administrator, manager or educator if you have higher qualifications in sonography.

In order to enroll in ultrasound technician schools in Texas, you must have high school diploma or GED. Besides, you must also take basic courses such as chemistry, biology, psychology, logic and mathematics, and communication for one year. During this period, you must maintain certain grade point in order to continue with your ultrasound training program.

Associate Degree in Ultrasound Technology

You can earn entry level jobs in the field of sonography if you have an associate degree from an accredited institution. This degree program empowers students to implement noninvasive medical imaging technology for obtaining images, which are used for the determination of medical conditions and treatments. The sonography training program consists of class room lectures and clinical training. The coursework includes:

* Acoustic principles,
* Basic physics,
* Anatomy,
* Medical ethics,
* Patient care techniques, etc.

You can specialize in obstetrics, abdominal scanning, and vascular technology for making further advancements in your career.

Bachelor Degree in Sonography

Bachelor degree is a 4-year training program, which helps students to acquire in-depth knowledge in this field. After the successful completion of the course, you can do advanced positions in sonography such as researchers, administrators, shift supervisors, etc. The program consists of class room instructions plus clinical internship. This training program empowers you to perform gynecological, small-part, obstetric, and abdominal ultrasound procedures.


You can sit for certification examination after the successful completion of an accredited ultrasound technician training program. The certification exam is conducted by ARDMS or Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI). You can become a licensed sonographer if you earn high scores in certification examination.

Ways to Select an Ideal Sonography School in Texas

You can select a sonography school on the basis of cost, location and the area of specialization offered by the school. However, the most important thing is the accreditation of the institution. You should ensure that the school you are going to enroll has proper accreditation. The certificate program offered by the school must have accreditation from ARDMS. Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs is the other agency, which provides accreditation to the sonography schools. Alvin Community College, Austin Community College, Del Mar College, El Paso Community College, etc are some of the prestigious sonography schools in Texas, which offer high level training programs to the students.

The following is the list of CAAHEP accredited ultrasound technician schools in Texas:

Alvin Community College – Alvin, TX

Angelina College – Lufkin, TX

Austin Community College – Austin, TX

Del Mar College – Corpus Christi, TX

El Paso Community College – El Paso, TX

Harris County Hospital District – Houston, TX

Houston Community College System – Houston, TX

Lamar Institute of Technology-Beaumont – Beaumont, TX

Lone Star College-Cy Fair – Cypress, TX

Midland College – Midland, TX

Sanford Brown College-Dallas – Dallas, TX

Sanford Brown College-Houston – Houston, TX

Temple College – Temple, TX

Tyler Junior College – Tyler, TX

University of Texas at Brownsville – Brownsville, TX

Weatherford College – Weatherford, TX

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