Top Sonography Schools In Tennessee

Sonography Schools in Tennessee are witnessing the inflow of a large number of students because of the predicted growth of employment in this field. It is estimated that the demand for medical sonophraphers will grow rapidly during 2010-2020. Sonography is also chosen widely to limit the radiation exposure to patients due to the use of traditional X-rays. Medical sonography is used for diagnosing and treating a number of medical conditions as well. The growth of elderly population in Tennessee is the other important reason for the high demand for medical sonographers. So, compared to the other occupation, medical sonography career is growing rapidly.

Tennessee is a naturally beautiful state in the US. The east side of this state is covered by Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River is situated in the west side. Vast river valleys and dense forests are the peculiarities of this state. The state also has a rich culture. Nashville is considered as the most important city in this state. However, Knoxville and Chattanooga attracts you with its natural beauty. Therefore, enrolling in an ultrasound technology training program in Tennessee will be a joyful experience. The schools in Tennessee also offer a wide range of sonography training programs, which range from associate and bachelor degrees and certification programs in sonography, radiology, and MRI technology.

As per the findings of BLS (2010), the number of sonographers in Tennessee is higher than the number of cardiovascular technicians. The number of radiologic technicians in Tennessee is also very high.

Ultrasound Tech Duties and Responsibilities

Sonography Schools In Tennessee Top Sonography Schools In Tennessee

Ultrasound Tech Schools in Tennessee

Medical sonographers need to perform a variety of duties in a hospital setting. They are responsible for operating sonographic machine for taking the images of internal organs of patients. As a sonographer, your primary duty will be explaining the procedure of taking images through sonographic scanner. Gynecologic and obstetric sonography is the most popular procedure, which is used for monitoring the growth of fetuses. You can also specialize in the field of heart, breast, neurological or abdominal sonography.

Become a Sonographer

You must have a sonographer degree to work as a diagnostic medical sonographer. It is also possible if you have a radiologic degree together with on the job sonography training or adequate clinical experience. However, employers in Tennessee prefer to hire people with a certification and state license.

You can earn a degree in sonography by undergoing bachelor or associate degree programs, which are available in a number of Sonography Schools in Tennessee. The coursework include:
* Human anatomy
* Physiology
* Ultrasound physics
* Abdominal sonography
* Sonographic pathophysiology, etc.

Supervised clinical experience is attached with each curriculum, which is helpful for students to acquire hands on experience in the field of general, vascular and cardiac sonography. In order to succeed in this field, you must select an accredited program. Only the students from an accredited Sonography Schools in Tennessee are eligible for obtaining a certification and licensure. It is highly important to earn clinical experience in sonography. If you have a radiology or any degree related to radiology, you must obtain a certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to work as a diagnostic medical sonographer. You will get certification from a number of healthcare professions, which include radiation therapy, magnetic resonance imaging, sonography, nuclear medicine technology, and radiography from ARRT.

Importance of Earning a Certification

If you want to work in Tennessee, you must be a certified sonographer. You can seek to obtain a certification and licensure in medical sonography through ARRT, which is offering a nationally recognized credential. So the state licensing agencies, employers, and federal regulators consider the certification of ARRT as the standard indicator. Graduation from an accredited degree program in sonography is the pre-requisite for getting a certification through ARRT. You must pass an examination by following these ethics requirements.

The post primary pathway option for sonographer certification is aimed for students with a degree in related fields, such as radiography or radiation therapy. However, you must register with ARRT to obtain a certification through this option. If you have the required clinical experience, you need to undergo an examination.

American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography is the other certification agency for medical sonographers. You can seek certification in diagnostic medical sonography, vascular technology, cardiac sonography, etc. In order to make a drastic improvement in your career, you can seek a specialty certification. Job prospects in Tennessee will be most favorable if you have more than one specialty in medical sonography. So, you can seek sonographic specialization in neurosonology, adult or fetal echocardiography, gynecology, obstetrics, breasts, and abdomen.

Sonography License

Today, a licensure is not required to work as a medical sonographer in many states in the United States. However, you need a licensure to work in states such as Oregon, West Virgenia, New Mexico, and New Jersey. It will become a compulsory in the other states in future. In order to get a state license, you must have a professional certification from a certification organization. You must also maintain your credentials. Ultrasound education in Tennessee is highly advanced and you can also find a good job after the successful completion of the program.

Sonographer Salary in TN

The salary of a medical sonographer is influenced by various factors, which range from experience to geographical location. However, it is estimated that a highly experienced medical sonographer can earn around $90,640 per year (BLS data). Excellent communication skill is a must to succeed in this field. Accredited Sonography Schools In Tennessee will provide you training in all these fields.

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